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My journey as a photographer started in 2018 as I documented my travels around the world and planned my destination wedding. With over 20 countries visited, my camera quickly became a travel essential.

I  went from capturing country after country to one milestone after another. A great appreciation and passion for wedding & lifestyle photography was born, and so was Monica Miranda Photography.

I believe in celebrating each of life's special moments and grand adventures by photographing you and your loved ones in a way that is authentic, exciting, and full of joy.

As a twin mama with over a decade of healthcare and project management experience, you can count on me to lead a bespoke experience and make your dream photography a reality.

Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer based in Chicago


You can find me strolling through a different botanical garden or shopping at the nearest plant shop during the warmer months. 

 Gardens & Indoor Plants

Nothing beats a relaxing hot stone massage, freshly manicured nails, a hydrating facial, or quiet time at the new local coffee shop. 

Self-Care Days

Sunrise with a latte on hand and stunning mountain views? Sign-me up! Hiking trails, lakeside morning run, and a hot tub on the deck? Say less.  

Hiking Trips & Mountain Views


Our couples and families are energetic, adventurous, and passionate about experiencing all that life has to offer. They are individuals who always take the scenic route, and tend to enjoy the hustle and bustle of life in big, exciting cities. 

When it comes to photography, they cherish authentic images that exude the joy and love they felt on their special day.  An artist with an eye for detail, who is intentional throughout, and has a timeless style is also greatly appreciated. 

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